Puri Oil Mills Limited
Puri Oil Mills Limited is a frontrunner in the mustard oil segment, manufacturing and marketing the ever popular brand: P Mark Mustard Oil. The brand along with many other innovative variants is marketed across Jammu & Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Uttarakhand, Delhi & the National Capital Region, Bihar and Orissa. Over the years, Puri Oil Mills Limited has leveraged a well-balanced blend of indigenous manufacturing methods and contemporary marketing practices to gain a distinctive edge in the marketplace and a leading position in the mustard oil segment.

Closely aligned with the growing demand for natural products and the back-to-grassroot aspirations characterizing the buying patterns of consumers from all walks of life, Puri Oil Mills Limited manufactures its products using totally natural extraction and production methods that do not entail the use or addition of any chemicals or any artificial flavours and colours.

The company has three manufacturing facilities located at Moga (Punjab), Damtal (Himachal Pradesh) and Bahadurgarh (Haryana) respectively. These facilities manufacture and market P Mark mustard oil, P Mark mustard oil cake and P Mark cattle-feed respectively. These products are marketed all across Northern & Eastern India. It is important to mention here that the manufacturing unit at Moga has been a leading supplier of compound cattle-feed to Nestle, a global food corporation for the last 25 years.

Puri Oil Mills Limited is guided by a vision to be acknowledged as “the last word in mustard”. To actualise this aspiration, the company embarked upon an ambitious in-house R&D initiative aimed at expanding its product portfolio in line with the needs and expectations of its customers. An array of innovative, value added products has emerged from the initiative. These include P Sparkle Light Mustard Oil, P Sanjeevani Organic Mustard Oil and P Mild Mustard Oil (a variant offering less pungency).

Over the years, the company’s unwavering commitment to quality has been lauded through several prestigious national and international awards. These include the National Quality Award conferred by the Government of India and the International Star for Quality Award from BID, Spain.

Other Group Companies Include

Devi Dass Gopal Krishan
Devi Dass Gopal Krishan, a unit of Puri Oil Mills Limited, is the flagship manufacturing unit of the Puri Group and has been in existence since 1933. Located at Moga, an important agricultural hub in Punjab, the unit is responsible for the introduction and reinforcement of P Mark Mustard Oil for over 80 years, catering to the highly discerning mustard oil consumers in the states of Jammu & Kashmir and Punjab (including Chandigarh). Even during the harsh winter months, every effort is made to ensure that supplies reach remote, far-flung areas of Jammu & Kashmir.

Across more than seven and a half decades, the unit has built a strong reputation for quality and is also acknowledged as a major employment generator in the area. P Mark Oilcake manufactured at this facility, commands a significant premium in the market; the company is also a leading supplier of Compound Cattle-feed to Nestle, a global food products corporation.

Puri Brothers
Puri Brothers has a proven 35 year-old track record in the state of Himachal Pradesh, in manufacturing cattle-feed, marketing mustard oil, and in the retail and transportation of petroleum products.

The IOC petrol station at Kullu caters to the entire tourist traffic to the Kullu Valley and the pristine Manali area. The petrol station at Mallikpur in Punjab caters to the entire highway traffic headed to Jammu & Kashmir.

Puri Brothers also markets P Mark Mustard Oil through its branch offices in Mandi and Bhunter, and manufactures and markets P Mark Cattle-feed across Himachal Pradesh.


  • Bahadurgarh Plant

  • Moga Plant

  • Damtal Plant

  • Petrol Pump